Wolf-Girls Blog Tour

Over July, August and September 2012, our Wolf-Girls writers guest posted on blog sites around the net, talking women, werewolves and writing.

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The tour…

‘Carnal Delights: Sex, Food, Women and Wolves’ by Kim Bannerman on Manchester Medieval Society

‘Interview with Wolf Girls Writer Marie Cruz’ on Angeline Trevena

‘From Snow Queen to Wolf Girl’ by Jeanette Greaves on Shooting For the Moon

‘Monsters in Menopause’ by Helen Cross on Playing God With Monsters

‘Interview with J.K. Coi’ on Bookreel

‘From Idea to Book’ by Nu Yang on Graeme Reynolds’s Blog

‘Sitting Pretty’ by Mihaela Nicolescu on For Books’ Sake

Guest Post by Andrew Quinton on She-Wolf

‘Nu Yang’s Lycanthropic Playlist’ on As You Were

‘Why I Love Lycogyny’ by Hannah Kate on Dwelling in Probabilities

‘Interview – J.K. Coi and the Wolf-Girls Anthology’ on She-Wolf Reads

Guest Post: J.K. Coi and Sarah Peacock on Wolf-Girls on She-Wolf

Sarah Peacock on her story ‘Exiled’ on Werewolf News

‘Damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ by Rosie Garland on She-Wolf (in conjunction with the Body Hair blog series)

Guest Post by Jeanette Greaves on One Hot Mess

‘The Poetry of the Wolf-Girl’ by Kim Bannerman on She-Wolf

‘What’s so fascinating about female werewolves?’ by Jeanette Greaves on She-Wolf