Clement Lorimer; or, The Book with the Iron Clasps

(4 Issues)


For two centuries, the Benosa family have sworn bloody vengeance on the Vandersteins. No scruples of love or loyalty can cause them to deviate from the path of the Vendetta. Now, with only one descendent of the Vandersteins still living, the last remaining Benosa readies himself to fulfil the oath of his ancestors…

Clement Lorimer, a young and cynical man-about-town, spends his days racing horses and seducing opera singers. Our hero has few worries more serious than where to have dinner… or so he thinks! But he is being watched – by the last living member of the Benosa family! What is Clement’s relationship to the Benosas? Will our hero be drawn into the violent world of the Vendetta? And what will be written on the final page of the BOOK WITH THE IRON CLASPS?