About Us

Hic Dragones is a creative writing and literature organization, based in Manchester UK and formed in 2010. Our ethos is intelligent, but a bit weird. We run training, education and development events in the UK, with a focus on monsters, horror, dark fiction and the strange. Hic Dragones also publishes dark fiction and markets a range of Murder Mystery Games.

Hic Dragones is the brainchild of Hannah Kate, a Manchester-based writer of poetry and urban fantasy. Hannah has worked as a tutor of English, Creative Writing and Popular Culture, and as a Creative Writing mentor and fiction editor. Like all true monsters, Hannah has more than one identity. She is also Dr. Hannah Priest, an academic writer and researcher based at the University of Manchester. As Hannah Priest, she has published articles on medieval romance, werewolves, fairies and contemporary fiction.

In 2012 Hannah was joined by Rob Shedwick; a musician (writing as Digital Front), artist, and self-confessed CSS meddler from Manchester. Rob is also Hannah’s partner outside Hic Dragones.

Hic Dragones is an arm of Juniper Manton Ltd, a health, social care and education consultancy.

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